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Editorial Services

How does it work?

     It is a platform of editorial services that prints on demand through Amazon and allows the publication of your book in a combined way, that is, the author chooses if he wants only the services of editing, cover design and layout, or if he wants to publish through us on Amazon. Regardless of what the writer chooses, the book appears in our bookstore without having to pay anything to use that space, from where the interested party is directed to his purchase.  If the author manages their prints through us at the time someone makes a purchase, it is printed from a single copy and sent to from Amazon USA direct buyer. On the other hand, we ensure that the copies go under the quality standards in print on demand, reviewing tests before launch and doing the best layout process for each type of book. We make sure that your book is leveled or above market standards in its presentation, avoiding the usual errors of an author who has not submitted his manuscript to a professional edition.

We would love to know about your literary work, here we show you how you can make your next editorial project a reality with us.



Book cover creation

Tell us what you would like, we will make unforgettable covers. You can suggest a photograph from your gallery and we will work on it in our art studio, or ask for a proposal



We will make the presentation of your entire book look professional from the first line. We will take care of the headings, margins, APAS references, table of contents, inclusion of illustrations, footers, numbering, style and type of paper.



At the moment, we work mainly on the basis of 10 universal templates for books that are used on platforms such as Amazon and that are classified according to the literary genre. However, we can adapt to your requests


Management and shipping

If you have decided to upload directly to the Amazon platform, we will process the order and send your book. Your book will be printed in the United States of America and will be sent to the address you provide directly from the Amazon printing company. Before doing so, you will be able to see a physical proof of how your printed book will be.


Basic marketing

We would love to discuss your book on social media, and on our website. An entire community wants to meet you.We offer marketing images and reviews from readers who will be fascinated to read you. And more!


Content editing

We will review, edit and suggest about your content, with the aim that the message is effectively carried to the reader of your work. We will work from a basic edition, spelling, grammar to the advanced one that reviews the author's thread of ideas.



If you are a writer who loves illustrations, we will take care of its proper layout. You can send us the illustrations of the visual artist of your choice, including a letter of authorization. Or also, we can find one for you.


Upload to Amazon

If you require this service, we can upload your book directly to amazon, or advise you in the process so that you can do it from your own account, after having been edited by us.


Presentation of your book

We also offer you the presentation of your book to the community and to the entire world. In virtual alternative (in Spanish for the moment) and in person if you are located in New York, or in El Salvador.


Other editing services

We also carry out other types of editions such as effective texts for social networks, blogs, cover letters, resumes, speeches, translations and much more.

This editorial contains quality edition and reinforced workmanship. This can be endorsed by the testimonial production "El Arte y Yo en tiempos de pandemia en El Salvador", whose structure is made of bone-colored paper, giving an important quality in the manufacture and style of the books. Likewise, mention a polished work in points such as the layout, illustration and correction of the members of said editorial "

Carlos Quintanilla, writer. 

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