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Golden Empire Editions Multimedia Services New York is a company that works as an independent publisher and creator of multimedia designs for different themes and purposes, is located in Glendale, Queens, New York.

Our Story

     Golden Empire Editions Multimedia Services New York it was established in 2020 during the shutdown due to the global health crisis, to initially serve as an art and literature blog and under the name DSD Artist.  In the following months it evolved, ceasing to be a blog, to later  become a book publishing and  under the name of Empire Books Editions and has currently extended its operations to the edition and design of multimedia content, which becomes a more integral and functional company. It has ceased to be just a publisher becoming the provider of a whole range of services related to creativity and digital design, which also brought with it an internal and external reengineering innovating the operating processes to which an independent publisher is subject, if not that it contemplates the concept of "editing" beyond the elaboration of books, covering everything where it may be possible to carry out an editing process and can be represented digitally or physically.

This company was founded by the salvadoran writer and visual artist Dacxilia Deras, who during her career as a writer has published three of her own poetry books and participated in four poetry anthologies. She  began in the publishing world promoting the literary project "El Arte y yo en tiempos de pandemia en El Salvador", where she collects her story during the confinement and the once of 20 other artists from her native country. Two years later, her husband David Zavaleta formally joins the project, who is also a writer, translator and musician, in charge of the area of editions and translations into the English language. Both are working together with a creative and professional team that is responsible for accompanying writers and authors to achieve their dream.  To learn about Dacxilia's  career and life  visit


     As a EDITORIAL, it has established among the independent publishers in Queens County. It publishes titles in English and Spanish, mainly fiction novels, short stories, poetry, biographies, research, history, and books on motivational, spiritual, and mindfulness development.

One of the objectives as a publisher is to be a window of literary diffusion for Spanish-speaking writers in New York and outside the United States, and thus support the community of Latino writers who wish to publish their books in the U.S. market.

     Therefore, it has created a category of books in Spanish language under the Retro Español label, which is based on its motto "The voice of the Hispanic writer in New York", where it includes writers from all over the world.

The publisher has a diverse team of collaborators among which we find, editors, editorial readers, prologues and critics, illustrators, designers, social media manager, among others who will make your manuscript a successful book.  In addition, the community of readers and writers provides constant monitoring of the editor's activities.

            Support is provided for self-publication as well as advice and consultancies that serve as guidance for the management and editorial process. Golden Empire as a publisher reserves the right to discover and promote writers with great writing skills who have not been published.

As a MULTIMEDIA SERVICES PROVIDER it  work under the concept that everything is subject to editing as a starting point. In this sense, all that expression of ideas and processes is worked, through different written and / or visual media.

Among the various categories of services offered: Design and maintenance of websites, elaboration of logos and slogans, creation and editing of texts either for business or academic purposes, design of images for social networks, banners, flyers, business cards, or similar, editing or restoration of photography and images, video editing and writing suitable for speeches for podcasts, we also have an artistic department with which you can illustrate your ideas digitally or traditionally.

The creativity and dedication implicit in every detail make our designs and multimedia services unique and functional.

Let’s Work Together

Glendale, Queens NY

11385 NY.

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